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Wespecialized in manufacturing, installing and painting of all kinds of products. Forming parts of the construction industry. We launched its service in Abu Dhabi and other cities in U.A.E. with the target to gradually grow to take a position in the construction market

Within more than decade of growing in this line K- Span and All Kinds of Shades served a dozens of project in Abu Dhabi City and western Area, like Al Ain, Dubai and other cities to the full satisfaction of its customer and has improved, what gave it a chance to be shortlisted for tender by the major contractors as specialties provider.

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We have been known for doing what we says, aiming to bring favourable results for its customers as soon as possible.

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Al Hadaf, is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of quality, services and cost saving. Our goal is to exceed our client expectation by ensuring that their requirement are determined, understood, met, and regularly reviewed with the intent of enhancing overall client satisfaction.

The success of Al Hadaf lies deeply in our pillars of client satisfaction practices; Quality, Cost, Delivery, and Safety.

We are dedicated to build long term relationship and stand true to every client, in submission I would like to thank all loyal client for their support and trust to our services in terms of Civil Works which has high demand in UAE construction, and to our dedicated employees for their determination, contribution for the success of our company which now continuing to grow.


Eng.Ibrahim Ali Al Qudah

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